May 3, 2011

Delicate Arch in Moab

It's almost breathtaking when you come around the ledge on the cliff and see this giant arch.. . and then all the hundreds of people there too.  Sigh. Makes for a hard picture.

What's a trip without me crocheting a headband.

This isn't the nicest picture of me, maybe I look so sick because of all the "boys" running around without their shirts on for pictures...they could have at least been muscly.

The Husband can take some pretty pictures when I can get him to take the photos!

And then sometimes not!  
This is a direct result of having long hair and not washing/brushing/do anything with it.

This is the ledge right before the Arch.

Get ready.

So this picture seems a little out of place right?  
Well apparently not to the little 6 year old kid hiking...we're just walking down the trail when all of a sudden crazy kid is holding this creature.  The legs are eerily swinging and I swear I saw his head and eyes stare me down.   Yes, I'm still having nightmares. 
We took a couple pictures of the kid, but he was too far away...if only we had our camera out and ready for when he passed by.

Petroglyphs...these are much nicer than some others I've seen.  Just some nice Big horn sheep and horses, not at all like the last pornographic ones in Zion's. 


  1. Loving all the post. The puppet, indeed, was creepy. But at least you got a funny story out of it! Kona is so much more privileged than our poopy. I mean puppy.

  2. So fun and you are so beautiful!