Sep 28, 2012


remember this?

well, on my last day of work, we plastered david hasselhoff all over their cubicles in retaliation. 

it was funny...

i hope their memories of me are sweet. 

note: these were taken with the husband's iphone with the new panoramic feature...might be kind of hard to tell on the blog in these pictures.
nonetheless, all say "oooooohhhhh."

thought this would be special for someone as well.

hope you had a jolly day. 

Sep 26, 2012

blue moon

wikipedia says: A blue moon is the appearance of the third full moon in a season that has four full moons, instead of the usual three.

while in truckee we had a perfect view of the moon!  
i should have played some frank singing "blue moon."
if only i was a professional photographer...

little time in truckee california

a couple pictures of the cabin in truckee.  i love the colors!  the mama says she totally remembers the same bed covers from 30 plus years ago.  i love the vintage feel. 
random note, i vaguely remember visiting the cabin when i was 8 or so.  they had a curtain of beads hanging in the doorway.  good story huh?

so apparently this little stove is all that heats the home.  
the stove heats the wall which keeps the cabin all toasty!

my little photo shot at 34 weeks or so.  the deck has a lovely view! 

wedding in sacramento

went to a lovely wedding in Sacramento last month. 
the weather was perfect, spent some time with the family!

like this handsome family

the garden surrounding the ginormous house was breathtaking!

the decorations were so pretty. 

i've been watching mari's Pinterest board and knew it was going to be beautiful
click here to see it

she did all the decorations and succulents herself!  
the little plants were ours to take!

the mama and mitsie before the ceremony

somehow...i didn't get any pictures of the bride and groom, but as you can tell by the decorations, she looked absolutely just as lovely!  mari and nick even had a cute dance all ready for us to watch!  sometimes, secretly, i wish i could redo all our wedding stuff...just because pinterest is so amazing. . .

last day of work...for who knows how long

today, is unofficially, officially (in my mind) last day of work. 
it's kind of weird. 

i've never not worked.  
i've also never had a baby before.
i have on the other hand purchased a fixer upper house before (1 point for me!) 
i haven't moved for over 5 years.

i'm usually the adventurous type, but all this new stuff is somewhat intimidating. before, when I have made irrational and sporadic decisions it only affected the husband and i. now there will be a little being to add into the equation.

so much to consider. 

nonetheless, i am excited
get ready world, because mama harmony has come.

a little too close for comfort

37 weeks

"you don't look very many weeks are you again?"
perhaps this is true, but every time i get in the truck i think...really?
this has been happening for a few weeks now. 

i realize that i have extremely short legs, but belly rubbing seems to constitute as "large" in my mind. 

Sep 24, 2012

a buck head on a bike in truckee

on our way to the wedding, we stayed at the our cousin's cabin in truckee.  it's such a fun little area.  super green, pine trees everywhere, random buck heads on bikes, piano men playing on the street, plus some super eclectic shops!  like this one below.

i loved the pallet doors (hint, hint, the husband) the chevron stripes, plywood walls, brick
basically everything!  so on your way to sacramento, stop in truckee, and visit the shop Bespoke.

this is totally the style i'd like to have in my home...

see this wall!?  
I really want to do something similar in the house...each state had a hand printed card with the state bird.  it was just lovely.

the smell alone was enough for us at this shop.  for reals, we didn't even buy anything, just went in for the sniffs, and it was divine.

until next time truckee.

little yellow mustard chair

i just wanted you all to see this fabulous chair purchased at my new favorite thrift store. 
it was $20 (after the 25% off) and other than dusty, needs no repairs.
eat your heart out anthropolie
it is already so loved by me, i can't stand it. 
(this is a before picture of the floors...wait until you see them redone!)

Sep 22, 2012

meet the seamstress hack

i have a friend named holli.
she is an excellent seamstress.
she has an awesome etsy shop here.
i always tell her i wish i could sew...especially on a machine.
but i can't, because they hate me and i am a hack

meet the seamstress hack

holli always says...
"harmony, you should just come up with the ideas and then have someone sew them."  
sew...(hehe) any takers?

in the meantime, while the planets align and the sewing machine and i drift farther apart, this is a small project i did, just to curse the sewing machine. 

also, for you real sewers out there...this is truely how i think about sewing projects.  i can't handle patterns or clean lines, because i don't have the patience or the ability to do so. 

the fastest, cheapest way possible is favorite and like i said, i am a hack when it comes to sewing

here is said dress.  it was $5.00 from DownEast Outfitters.  which happens to be my absolute favorite store ever.  name brands clothing, super cheap, (usually damaged and easily fixable) random styles... and it makes me feel good, because i know no one else is going to pass me by wearing the same outfit. (it's a problem i have)

i've been watching this dress at their store for months, mainly, because no one was buying it, but also, but see these boob areas?  who has boobs this small to fit?  NOT ME.  (please refer to post here about this major life dilemma)

 but i really wanted it because there are pockets and STRIPES. STRIPES PEOPLE!  so, i decided i could pay the five bucks and chop off the boob areas and somehow make it work. 

and work it i did. 

i took me some mighty sharp scissors and chopped off those little boobages.  now truly, i am not making fun of you out there who are lucky enough to be an A, B, C or D cup, i am just extremely jealous.  because we always want what the other has right?  

you may have noticed that there was a zipper on this dress. . .i chopped right through it as well. 
took a needle and thread and just sewed it shut. 

which there are a few reasons why:
1. because i cut the zipper and pulled of the little zipper slider thing before i realized i wouldn't be able to put it back on once pulled off, no matter how i tried (zippers are genius....i still don't get how they really work)
 2. after reason 1, the hack in me couldn't think of anything better
3.  because well, my butt is basically non-existent (unlike big Bertha and Martha from the north, and yes, they have always had names) i can usually slip skirts on and off without zippers or elastic

i actually wear it every week.  
i probably wouldn't really consider this a good tutorial...or even a suggested way or altering clothing...but you know, it only took 15 minutes from beginning to end.

yup, pretty sure you won't see anyone else with it!  

seamstress hack out.

food, glorious food

my friends, my healthy world has come shattering down.  i see and eat whatever i want, which my poor little's like as soon as i became pregnant all sweets broke out! i never would have eaten this fudge brownie sundae with fudge along with that fun little cherry on top. but Farr's ice cream was just too tempting.  don't worry, i shared most of it with the husband. 

on sunday, i woke up craving some orange rolls.  probably because the night before, the kona was making some foul smells, so i pulled out some orange essential oil. . . 
regardless of which, i made some...i should probably share the quick and dirty recipe for the dough. takes only 10 minutes to rise.
so here it is!

then, later that day, i really wanted eggrolls, but ALAS!  

no eggroll skins in my possession.

well, they can't be that hard to make right?  RIGHT?!
false...well semi-false.  we did okay, the skins came out a little thicker than i think they should have.  it was more of a crepe consistency.  but in the end, they were pretty good.  some looked good like the top one, while some looked like crepes with eggroll stuffing in them. 

verdict: eggrolls are much easier to make when you just buy the skins from the store

recipe for skins here.  

Sep 20, 2012

such funny guys

 so, the last couple weeks at work have included "hasselhoffer's"
the hasselhoffee is the person who finds their screensavers changed to something like the above.  other fellow workers have found david in a much more scandalous outfit...with kittens.  

which is super weird.  

i need to retaliate at some point...any ideas?

Sep 18, 2012

lovely food, ladies and company

here's some photos from the ward baby shower. 
the husband and i have loved this ward...obviously, i have loved it forever, since i grew up with them as well.  but they are always so generous!  look at these glorious dips, hazelnut breads (divine), salads and the desserts were awesome!

the gifts seemed to keep rolling in! it was great.
truly, we are blessed to have such awesome friends!