Sep 22, 2012

meet the seamstress hack

i have a friend named holli.
she is an excellent seamstress.
she has an awesome etsy shop here.
i always tell her i wish i could sew...especially on a machine.
but i can't, because they hate me and i am a hack

meet the seamstress hack

holli always says...
"harmony, you should just come up with the ideas and then have someone sew them."  
sew...(hehe) any takers?

in the meantime, while the planets align and the sewing machine and i drift farther apart, this is a small project i did, just to curse the sewing machine. 

also, for you real sewers out there...this is truely how i think about sewing projects.  i can't handle patterns or clean lines, because i don't have the patience or the ability to do so. 

the fastest, cheapest way possible is favorite and like i said, i am a hack when it comes to sewing

here is said dress.  it was $5.00 from DownEast Outfitters.  which happens to be my absolute favorite store ever.  name brands clothing, super cheap, (usually damaged and easily fixable) random styles... and it makes me feel good, because i know no one else is going to pass me by wearing the same outfit. (it's a problem i have)

i've been watching this dress at their store for months, mainly, because no one was buying it, but also, but see these boob areas?  who has boobs this small to fit?  NOT ME.  (please refer to post here about this major life dilemma)

 but i really wanted it because there are pockets and STRIPES. STRIPES PEOPLE!  so, i decided i could pay the five bucks and chop off the boob areas and somehow make it work. 

and work it i did. 

i took me some mighty sharp scissors and chopped off those little boobages.  now truly, i am not making fun of you out there who are lucky enough to be an A, B, C or D cup, i am just extremely jealous.  because we always want what the other has right?  

you may have noticed that there was a zipper on this dress. . .i chopped right through it as well. 
took a needle and thread and just sewed it shut. 

which there are a few reasons why:
1. because i cut the zipper and pulled of the little zipper slider thing before i realized i wouldn't be able to put it back on once pulled off, no matter how i tried (zippers are genius....i still don't get how they really work)
 2. after reason 1, the hack in me couldn't think of anything better
3.  because well, my butt is basically non-existent (unlike big Bertha and Martha from the north, and yes, they have always had names) i can usually slip skirts on and off without zippers or elastic

i actually wear it every week.  
i probably wouldn't really consider this a good tutorial...or even a suggested way or altering clothing...but you know, it only took 15 minutes from beginning to end.

yup, pretty sure you won't see anyone else with it!  

seamstress hack out.

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