Sep 22, 2012

food, glorious food

my friends, my healthy world has come shattering down.  i see and eat whatever i want, which my poor little's like as soon as i became pregnant all sweets broke out! i never would have eaten this fudge brownie sundae with fudge along with that fun little cherry on top. but Farr's ice cream was just too tempting.  don't worry, i shared most of it with the husband. 

on sunday, i woke up craving some orange rolls.  probably because the night before, the kona was making some foul smells, so i pulled out some orange essential oil. . . 
regardless of which, i made some...i should probably share the quick and dirty recipe for the dough. takes only 10 minutes to rise.
so here it is!

then, later that day, i really wanted eggrolls, but ALAS!  

no eggroll skins in my possession.

well, they can't be that hard to make right?  RIGHT?!
false...well semi-false.  we did okay, the skins came out a little thicker than i think they should have.  it was more of a crepe consistency.  but in the end, they were pretty good.  some looked good like the top one, while some looked like crepes with eggroll stuffing in them. 

verdict: eggrolls are much easier to make when you just buy the skins from the store

recipe for skins here.  

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