Sep 11, 2012

Bravo! Bravo!

mitsie, sam and the mama were there to join the fun!
(sister hannah was there taking the photo)

so, apparently, you are not suppose to take photos inside the theater...

luckily, we got this shot just before the nazi water lady started yelling at people for taking photos. 

the play was pretty awesome, except for the small fact that we had two very excited people singing, very loudly, WITH the broadway singers, sitting right behind us.  not super cool, they were on tune, but STILL.  

we tried the casual look back and stare at the person to help them get the hint...but to no avail.  so at intermission, we talked semi loudly about how excited the people must be behind us...etc.  apparently, their mom was sitting behind us (the two singers we at least 25+) and she kindly let them know that it's not proper etiquette to sing so loudly.  she even reminded them once by smacking them in the middle of song...
but i think in small retaliation, whenever a song finished...the guy behind us would clap so loudly and then yell 
to the point that multiple people throughout the audience turned to stare. 

ahhh, thespians.  love it.

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