Sep 24, 2012

a buck head on a bike in truckee

on our way to the wedding, we stayed at the our cousin's cabin in truckee.  it's such a fun little area.  super green, pine trees everywhere, random buck heads on bikes, piano men playing on the street, plus some super eclectic shops!  like this one below.

i loved the pallet doors (hint, hint, the husband) the chevron stripes, plywood walls, brick
basically everything!  so on your way to sacramento, stop in truckee, and visit the shop Bespoke.

this is totally the style i'd like to have in my home...

see this wall!?  
I really want to do something similar in the house...each state had a hand printed card with the state bird.  it was just lovely.

the smell alone was enough for us at this shop.  for reals, we didn't even buy anything, just went in for the sniffs, and it was divine.

until next time truckee.

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