Sep 4, 2012

the husband said last night . . ."this kid is going to be crazy"

it's true.  
i sit at my desk and i can feel her punching, kicking, and sometimes it seems like her twirling on her head. (if she's a dancer or a cheerleader so help me)
i like to think of her as a soccer player...or maybe a gymnast? 
at 34 weeks, in meetings, i have to wonder if people notice my constant twitching.  like, when all of a sudden my entire boob gets pushed up and drops (which considering the size, is impressive).  or she's constantly seeing how far she can punch her little fist out into the sky.  or her jutting our her feet into my ribs.  my favorite is when she does a jumping jack, you know, feet and hands push out simultaneously. 

the darling little morsel.

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