Jul 30, 2008

Salina, oh Salina

So we spent this last weekend with Steph and Hunter at their Cabin in Salina....somewhere. Awesome Cabin, retrofitted as a cabin should be. We went 4 wheeling, on real 4 wheelers, slept, watched A lot of rain fall, and then Steph and I almost died driving after the rain to go fishing, (I'm positive she thought she was going to die) . On her website there are some AWESOME pictures of a good time in Salina Utah. . . .

Jul 19, 2008

Here Ye, Here Ye, OKA FAMILY Descendants!!!!

The day of Slip 'n' Sliding is almost upon us! We invite you, our fellow sliders to join us on Thursday, the 24th day of the month of July, in the 2008th year of Our Lord!!!
Set up begins at 3:30 pm, with grub and chilled apple ale at 5:30 pm. Slip 'N' Sliding by the light of Tiki Torches will follow. WII festivities aided by a largish sheet and projectorer, Guitar Hero tournament as judged by the Honorable Gram Oka. Fireworks to be Overseen by Sir Hal C Torman.

Comment to recieve your assignment for this great day.

Lady Harmony & Hannah of the Great Hesley Clan Below the Hill.

Jul 18, 2008

Fishin at Flaming Gorge

Brown Trout! One of our suppliers took us on a fishing trip! 7 fish, first time fly fishing, and fun stuff!!

Jul 13, 2008

Causey Dam

So my mom is getting new carpet on Monday, so we had to move a lot of stuff so we can get the new carpet ready. We also decided on a whim to paint some walls, since all of my mom's walls are white. We also went to Causey dam this weekend on a double date. We all jumped off a 20 footer and then derek outdid us by jumping off a 30 footer, don't worry he lived. Other than that, we are just hanging out!

Jul 10, 2008

Hiking the Subway in Zion's

For the 4th of July we went down to Cedar for the 1st Palmer reunion ever! It was pretty fun, Carol and her family did a excellent job! Before the 4th we went hiking with Thayne, Jared, Stephanie, and the Tom Walker. It really is a beautiful hike. It's amazing to go from desert to a crazy river. We had to climb down a rope to get over cliffs, come down the side of a mountain, swim through freezing, water and then sweat in the HOT heat for the last mile or so. All in all, it was pretty fun.