Dec 24, 2010

I may not get my cards out on time...if I do at all....

so Merry Christmas!

Dec 20, 2010

Tis the Season of Pomegranates

My man loves JELLO.

Particularly, the seasonal Pomegranates and Apple JELLO with whip cream.
Which to me, does look delicious at the moment, but I can also see how this would appear gross.

Dec 16, 2010

His and Hers.

The day I got off my crutches Derek proclaims, 
"This is my crutch."
While copying me with one crutch down the hall and mimicking my voice.
Real Mature.

ps. you can also see my wood colored hand pads...sigh

Dec 14, 2010

Sweet Freedom

On Monday we decided to celebrate my crutch freedom.
By going to Krispy Kreme's and getting free doughnuts.

I did feel bad and bought one for my mom though.

Dec 12, 2010

45 Dresses

I've joined the Appraisal Institute, because that's what you do.  Also cuts the cost of classes down quite a bit.  So they have a "Best Dress" Dinner party.  We first got the invitation in November, which just coming out a surgery we decided not to go.  3 days before the dinner I had been informed at work that I would be going to the dinner and Derek would be coming.  So I made the call and we were put on the list.  Which next came finding a dress (all this done on crutches).

Not fun. Well it was, because my mom came with me.  But let me tell you about me awkward body shape. I'm 5'1 1/2", have what we affectionately call "The Oka Butt" meaning none existing and a Hesley curse or what others call "Blessed."  Soooo use your imagination.

I tried on at least 45 least.  Sizes ranging from 4 - 10.  and then you have to add in that most of these dresses are sleeveless. . . 

6 hours later, I have 4 dresses at home that all need some sort of alteration/addition.

After having a model show for my mom yet once again, twice for Derek and my Dad.  We finally went with this. 

And I know it's silly...but I needed new hand pads for my crutches, because they had duck tape holding them together...and the only ones at the store were wood color. 


But after all this dress drama, it really was fun to get all dressed up. . .


Dec 9, 2010


Often times when i am bored i go to  Why?  To look at the slideshows.  Virtual Pictures books.  Instead of some cuddly animals i found these. 


These tasty dresses look good enough to eat — because the high-fashion costumes were inspired by meals people crave the most.

Photographer Ted Sabarese's collection, named "Hunger Pains," are all made out of food you can buy at the local supermarket. This dinner suit is made from steak and potato.

A model wears a breakfast suit made from bananas and waffles from the collection titled "Hunger Pains."

Dec 7, 2010

And we're Off!!

Crutches that is! 
watch out world.