Mar 15, 2012

Something I forgot made me so happy.

I've been in a funk for the last couple weeks. 
Ya know what I mean.

I've recently moved from a giant front office window to a cubicle to another office with a window that's long and wide. 
I've had this paper weight crystal for years just waiting.

Why even mention this?  
Because I had forgotten how much I love Rainbows.
My friends, crystals make rainbows and lots of them.
At a certain time every morning the crystal will be in just the right position to make hundreds of crystals.  They bounce to and fro.  Sometimes I'll spin the crystal and then I'm in a whirling vortex of crystals.  Making me forget my sad little self.
It's wonderful. 

Hope you found your Rainbow today. 


Mar 13, 2012

Violent Tendencies

When we go on car rides, we usually must have 1 of 2 things for the Husband.
Gummi Bears or Twizzlers.
this time we have Gummi Bears.
I've discovered that if you bite some appendage off of the gummy bear it leaves a sticky wound that you can apply to anything.  

Like the Husband's Face.

Which while he is driving, he can't fight me much. 

I know. 
But I think it's hilarious and will soon teach all children everywhere bad Gummi Bear etiquette. 


But for now, I have created this graveyard of Gummi Bear body parts.
They were brave, honorable gummies, but alas, my teeth were too much.

Notice, I only eat these flavors...artificial coloring make me wary these days.  
For some reason, I think yellow and white are more natural.

ps.  I think it's weird that I already had a Gummi Bear Label...which indicates the importance of Gummi Bears.  I've blogged about them before...somewhere.

Mar 2, 2012

He's really 30 now.

Happy Birthday Husband!

 Remember how I blogged about him basically being thirty? 
Only, now it's finally happened?

Except, maybe it was just the activity, but yesterday, he was totally acting like a 10 year old. 
I bought a bunch of Groupon's for a Trampoline Arena.
It had Giant Foam Pits, Trampolines on the walls, dodge ball and basketball.  I bet there we 20 trampolines.


We invited his friends and cousin.  
It was funny how all the boys said "they were really excited to go."
I'll have to post the videos later...but Derek basically bounced around with a slight grin on his face the whole time.