Mar 13, 2012

Violent Tendencies

When we go on car rides, we usually must have 1 of 2 things for the Husband.
Gummi Bears or Twizzlers.
this time we have Gummi Bears.
I've discovered that if you bite some appendage off of the gummy bear it leaves a sticky wound that you can apply to anything.  

Like the Husband's Face.

Which while he is driving, he can't fight me much. 

I know. 
But I think it's hilarious and will soon teach all children everywhere bad Gummi Bear etiquette. 


But for now, I have created this graveyard of Gummi Bear body parts.
They were brave, honorable gummies, but alas, my teeth were too much.

Notice, I only eat these flavors...artificial coloring make me wary these days.  
For some reason, I think yellow and white are more natural.

ps.  I think it's weird that I already had a Gummi Bear Label...which indicates the importance of Gummi Bears.  I've blogged about them before...somewhere.

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