Jan 4, 2015


Lately, the husband and I been discussing our parenting skills.  Are we doing okay, are we creating a monster?  Are we doing enough?  Is she eating something that makes her crazy?  Are we disciplining her correctly?

She's as stubborn as she is short, and she's super short people.  Her shortness seems to make her inhumanly strong.  I mean, I know that she is two.  She's only been on this earth for a short 27 months, but she sure knows how to rock our world upside down.  Don't get me wrong, I love the little stinker, but she's starting to worry me.  We've started time-outs, giving choices and then giving consequences.  

Does she get it though?  I mean on one hand, she is two and then on the other, she IS two.  I've been reading parenting books and they don't seem to have much more than a couple paragraphs on two year olds.   We need help people.

I need help on how to handle the tantrums, the fits, the bi-polar personality. What suggestions do you have for my little two year old. 


  1. All too familiar. Ruth was a menace and Will, bless his good natured heart, can throw fits with the best of them. But Ruth still is the child we wonder about. We've done everything from holding her on the bottom stair, arms folded, to sticking her in her crib or the car if we are at church or something-we stay with but buckle her in. These crazy kids! But I do think disciplining at two is important and I know they get it. Will is very different and usually one time out ends the behavior. Consistency with Ruth is our best strategy.

  2. She's realizing that she is a separate person than her mom, dad, or other relatives. She's learning that she can act and react, and get her way. So teach her what is important and don't sweat the small stuff. Communicate and always explaining why this or that is good or bad. She's learning to push your buttons and what it does to you. She has no distractions to keep her from her goals.
    You'll live through this. Document the crying and tantrums, throw a few of your own and see what she does.
    And if she doesn't grow out of it, well, it's only 16 more years of being your responsibility!

  3. Nothing you can do but endure it and do your best. Every child is different-Kailey was an absolute angel and then there was Maddie. She didn't outgrow her "terrible twos" until she was five and even now we relapse. We have to parent her a lot different than Kailey. So far Micah is following in Maddie's footsteps and we're still figuring out what works best for him. In our favor though-he still naps. Maddie had given them up completely by his age. Small blessings. Just try different solutions until you figure out something that works, find the humor in the tantrums and fits (we have a lot of good video for future blackmail with Maddie) and wait it out. As long as you set boundaries and consequences and teach her what behavior is and is not ok she'll get it eventually and outgrow it even if it takes awhile. There's a reason they are so cute at this age-to make up for the times that they are raging and screaming and kicking their feet and being more stubborn than anyone you've ever dealt with.

  4. CONSISTENCY! That's always my rule. Don't start something you can't finish. Also, I'm allergic to whining....so I am really firm with stopping the whining and making them talk to me. Also, you just have to find a consequence that works for her. I have some that can't play playdough for a consequence and some that have to sit in timeout. And yes, 2 year olds know exactly what they are doing and you either get to teach them through bad behavior now or when they are 3 or 4. Much easier at 2!

  5. Thanks! This seems to be the K. Consistency. I've been telling her I can't hear her when she whines. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Thanks for the tips.