Jan 15, 2015

Little Brother | 9 Months

My main-little-man, today, you almost had me in tears.  Not sad ones, but sweet, happy, relief.  You had me going there for a while.  I was real worried about my once super chubby brother.


My happy baby was no more. You just seemed MAD about everything. You were loosing weight, not pooping and just plain ticked about everything.  You cried, a lot.  I just didn't know what to do.  I even went to the Doctor, he didn't seem to understand how different you had become.  Eventually, I decided that I should stop nursing you, your poor guts just seemed to hurt all the time.  Everyone seemed to notice (and tell us) how unhappy you were.  We tried all sorts of things.

It took some time, a few weeks actually, but you started to change.  You were no longer birthing poops.  You were smiling.  You were trying to crawl, you were being a happy boy.

Today, you are 9 months.  Today was the first time you actually played and were happy about it.

Mama is so very happy that you are happy.