Jan 27, 2015

Feeling like it's a I-can-do-anything kind of day.

Months ago I painted the piano, but there were just a few spots that needed to be finished.

Like this weird material...I'm assuming it's for acoustics and to keep dust out. I opened my little lemon piano, pryed off the molding around the material, cut the brown felt and then tried re-nail the molding in.  It only halfway worked.  But worked it did.

 I rather like the looks of it.


Last but not least, the knobs.  When I bought it, there was only one tiny knob.  I have this pile of knobs, literally, like 15.  I was once upon a time going to make a hanger with a bunch of different knobs, hence the reason they don't match, but decided, I had to just keep up with my natural habit.  Chaos. 

Therefore, we have two different knobs.


Funny how those two simple things made the piano complete.  Now, if only I could get someone to sand the bench.

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