Jan 7, 2015

The lower lights

I've got a new tradition.  My gal Alex and I have been buddies since college.  She invited me to the Lower Lights concert, which I had just heard about from my other blog here.  Alex and I have always been kindred spirits, from our Construction Management program, to our girly outfits and our love for Anthropologie.  I also knew that she would TOTALLY wear these holiday crowns to the concert and be just as excited as I was about it.  

The concert was at the Masonic Temple in Salt Lake City. It is quite the building.  So many cool things and so little time to check it out.  You can't tell, but the ceiling looked like the sky. 

I wasn't really quite sure what to expect, I had only listened to a few songs (here.)  Check them out.

The concert was phenomenal.  It was so. much. fun. I also believe that they sounded so much better in person too actually.  They had a bunch of additional singers and fiddlers.  
At the end of the concert they allowed people to come up and dance.  You better believe Alex and I went up.  My only regret was that I didn't bring my family.  They do allow kids at the concert.

Thanks so much Alex.  It opened up a whole new world.  

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