May 27, 2007


Larry the LandCruiser at his finest!

Alex looks pretty stoked!
The Miller's First GEOCACHE!

We went camping at Three Peaks with the Millers, Alex, and Mary. We took them Geocaching! It got pretty intense. We used the GPS and found two!! It was pretty fun! We will miss the Miller's!


Me and Gena

Derek and Me. . . Sideways..

Tom and Carol

Daddy and Me


Graduation... on May 5, so I'm a little late. I haven't quite figured out how to make this stuff work. But my ceremony lasted oh about 30 minutes. It was awesome! Here are some pics of me walking, and my family!!

May 12, 2007

Exploring The Old Iron Mines

We found this lake in the mines. It has lots of heavy metal deposits that make is look so blue. (DO NOT SWIM)

Derek and Kona reading.