May 27, 2007


Larry the LandCruiser at his finest!

Alex looks pretty stoked!
The Miller's First GEOCACHE!

We went camping at Three Peaks with the Millers, Alex, and Mary. We took them Geocaching! It got pretty intense. We used the GPS and found two!! It was pretty fun! We will miss the Miller's!


  1. you guys look like your going on a trek....a pioneer trek ms walker

  2. Dear Derek, Harmony & Kona,
    I want you to come over to my house one time and we can play. We'll have lots of fun. You'll have fun because I think grownups can get on my grass now. You'll see something that you never noticed before. If you look up above my long couch you'll see something new. I like you! Fun day!
    Love, Caleb