Jul 22, 2018

Rainy Summer Day.

It's been a super hot summer. Like high 90s forever. Then, one day, it decided to rain. When it's hot, it also means that the husband won't be stepping outside. I took advantage of the rain and made everyone go outside to play.  

Vesper had just woken up, so we took her meal outside. Best idea ever, couscous is a mess. 

The Kona is starting to show her age, but I guess 13 years will do that to you. 

Vesper will forever be remembered with her little belly and her diaper almost always falling off. 

No, this isn't our grass. The neighbors stopped watering their lawn as they are doing a giant addition. Aiko was obsessed with all the spider webs. 

Vesper is always wanting to do what the big kids are doing. Orion is always bugging Vesper. 

Whenever Orion is concentrating, his tongue pops out. 

Aiko is fighting the tree with a bean. 

Jul 12, 2018

Jul 4, 2018

First 4th of July Bike Parade!

 Orion decided at the last moment that he didn't want to ride. Luckily, we had the Yuba bike so he could ride along with Dad and Vesper.