Sep 16, 2012

the house

photo taken after sanding the wood floors.

i kind of want to do this big dramatic blog about the before and after and all the cool stuff with the house, but let's face it, it probably will not happen, at least for a while.  

baby will probably take priority blog wise about the house.  

the husband has been working diligently on the house and i try to help where i can.  let me tell you though, it's hard for me to stand by and watch and be useless. plus everyone tells you what you should and shouldn't do while be pregnant. so, i probably do a lot of shouldn't-do-while-pregnant things, but mother's intuition right?  it can trump all as far as i'm concerned, plus things have just got to get done!  baby's got to live somewhere!

(meanwhile, days later after above words were written)

you are in luck!  i actually took some before pictures. . . i'll admit, it doesn't look too bad, if we had taken up close photos, you'd all be thinking a different story. see if you can spy all the missing items in the house.  like cabinet doors, closet doors, casing, trim or anything else you can't find.  well that's because, they are gone.  i'm not sure who the lucky sole is with them, but it sure wasn't us. 

master bedroom. 
i probably should have taken photos after we patched hole after hole after hole x inifinity holes and that doesn't even count the boogers on the walls

you can't really tell, but the windows used to have casing, which had been ripped out at some point before we bought it.  we've since added to it. i'll need to take some more photos of the finished product!  the husband is quite the carpenter and the kona is forever in the way.

so in the master bedroom we have painted all the walls, completely refinished the wood flooring, painted the closets, windows and trim...or we will be finishing that all up soon.  we found out that the closet drawers on the right containt a giant hole in the floor, which apparently is the hvac return air. (that side will become the husband's closet.)  

baby room.
you might have noticed that all the baseboard, casing and trim is different. practically in every room.  we were going to redo it all, but you see, some smarty pants GLUED and nailed them in.  we'll just leave them in for now.  

here's her wee closet. after closer inspection, we noticed that the ceiling in the closet was peeling...come to find out they put some awesome 70s vintage contact paper and THEN painted over it.  so we had to pull that down...again, should have taken more pictures of it.  we've also repainted all the walls, windows, closet, patched bizllions of holes and redone the wood flooring.  

living room

i really like the fireplace, i'm not sure exactly what i am going to do here, but i am thinking i'd like to do some pallets in the back of the shelves, but it's kind of on my last thing to do.  we're trying to get our room and the baby room finished so we can at least set up some place to sleep.  oh, you saw our closet in the hallways. . .yeah, we need to figure out a door situation there.

again, we painted the walls, trim, and refinished the floors.

so, the stairs are kind of really, badly, terribly, placed.  but we'll make due.  I feel like they ruined this room with them, but i think on the far side i'm going to place a dining room area...or when i get my baby grand piano i'll place it there.  but my absolute favorite thing about the house is on the left.  16 foot of glorious windows with a great view and no one can see in!

here's the back porch, which has some scary stairs that were included.  but i love this porch...there will be some mad, mad parties here.  i plan on spending some quality time sun tanning here.  also...think pallets with cushions and christmas lights on the railing.  
it will be so magical.  
just you wait.

here we have the main seller!  the tree houses!  they even have electricity...oh, just ignore my creepy shed down there.  i think that's where they hid their dead. 
just saying.

here's our lovely view i was talking about.  
lovely, i know.  the squirrels think so too.

i somehow have forgotten to take pictures of the basement, kitchen, FRONT OF THE HOUSE, laundry shoot, stairs leading to nowhere, cold storage with an air conditioning unit (?), garage, our super steep driveway, the stink hole and the bottom porch area, oh, and the other place where they hide the naughty children under the house...but alas, that will be for another day. 
i'm excited to show you the after pictures...


  1. It looks like you guys are doing a great job so far. You need to rent the movie "The Money Pit"; Watch it and empathize. :-)

  2. Love this! Hate that I haven't been up there yet. The weird thing of kids is--it's like you don't have time, yet you do, and your productivity levels drop so dramatically as you consider attempting projects in 15 minute increments--or when they're asleep! Wonderful yet I feel slow and remember a time that I was a powerhouse of task accomplishment (ha ha!). Good thing I'm a night owl! Love the wonderful Walkers!

  3. It looks like a beautiful home with tons of potential!!!