Dec 1, 2011

Hurricane Winds in Utah.

*Update 12/2/11
I would have to say, that it's not an exaggeration that almost every pine in the neighborhood is down.  Just today I counted 22 on my way to work, and that's just in my neighborhood.  It seemed as I drove further in there wasn't much damage.  You can drive down the street and it's EVERY OTHER HOUSE with a tree uprooted.  Some trees are lying on the houses, fences, or in the yard.   That doesn't even count how every single fence has a gaping hole in it or no fence at all.  Power has been flickering on and off and shingles are gone.

I drove by the church park, and there were 13 Big Pines on their side. It was like a graveyard. Really does break your heart. The devastation in just our little neighborhood seems so extreme, I can't even imagine what a real hurricane is like. 

I hear Centerville is a complete mess and a state emergency area, some cities don't have any power and could be off up to 4 days.
It's just CRAZY.

I almost cried when I saw our tree.
Rest in Peace.

This was just around my block.

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  1. Wow! Poor my poor Layton friends! Crazy weather, it woke me up and I had a hard time getting back to sleep, but the devastation in SLC was no where near as bad as that! I hope you are all ok! Poor tree, it was a legend! Love ya Harm!