Nov 28, 2011

Spats. Proves a point

Often times, my husband does not appreciate my wardrobe.
Who are we joking...All the time. 
But I know, somewhere deep down inside...he loves it.
Otherwise, he wouldn't have married.
I feel my style has gotten a little more refined over the years.


So, today, he was commenting how my outfit today was super weird. 
Which... I'll admit, my hair was a MESS, so as doo rag will do.
But I said, "I bet if I walked into the mall, somebody would totally comment on how cute it was. "
(because, this has happened on multiple occasions, where I go out in public in an outfit that just makes him cringe, but inevitably, someone always comments how cute it is.  Complete Strangers mind you.)

So he says "I bet if I were to take your photo and send it to your sisters, they would say it was weird."

Game ON. 

Hali immediatly calls and says how CUTE it is. (She did say my hair thing was weird, but as I said, it was unruly)

Still waiting on the status of Hannah. (Also commented on my hair.)


 I feel I win.

Except for this outfit may be a little weird.

Confidence...that's all you need.


  1. I've always loved your confidence! I loved shopping with you in high school, you have great style!

  2. That is what I was missing the other night to go with my headband... confidence! And I do like the outfit :)

  3. I think it's adorable! Also, sending good vibes for you to get a house :)

  4. Harm I like the outfit, very cute!
    Derek :P