May 20, 2010

Walk of Shame

I have been riding my bike to work for the last couple weeks, when it's not actually pouring outside.
 It's a pretty quick ride, about 10-15 minutes on the way to work.  
6.8 miles Total, not so long, I feel like I should bike to work.

What we have here is the Antelope Dip which Derek has completely and accurately depicted below. 

So, like I said, the way to work, not so bad.  Unless you think about how it drops 10 degrees at the bottom and my eyes are watering so bad if smudges my mascara from going so fast down the hill.  Small matters really. 

The way back is a whole different story.  

The walk of Shame was Monday.
I had to walk up the last third part of the hill on Antelope, I thought my gears wear on the easiest level, come to find out, it was on the hardest gear, and I couldn't even pedal up that hill, it was SO hard. 


I walked with me head down so nobody in the neighborhood would recognize the sad little person I was.    
It was a long walk.  

I kept stopping and pretending like my gears were messed up or something. . .because really?! 
To top it off, some teenagers threw a ball at me to watch it roll down by me.  Like I was suppose to pick it up or something.  Fire raged within me my friends.  
I do not like belligerent, mean teenagers. 

Today is Thursday, I just barely figured out how the gears really work on this bike.  My bike has a number system, the lower the number the easier the pedal work.  This fancy road bike of Scott's does not have a numbering system so you have to watch the gears to make sure the change.  Plus it has a fancy way of changing gears.  it's just plumb confusing.  
I use these thoughts to comfort myself when the shame is too much to bear. 

This is a picture I took to try and show I "Green" I am to win Jack Johnson Tickets.  it may not be up for a while, so please check back. 


  1. You are a much better rider than I am! Josh bought me a bike for Christmas and Zack and I rode to Tai Pan Trading and he is a much better rider than I am.

    I love the pic you submitted to 107.9. I haven't seen it should call them and tell them to just give you the tickets! You guys have to come with us. It'll be so fun! I think Devin might be too!

  2. Still not posted?! You should keep resubmitting until it gets posted! You have to win the tickets!