May 16, 2010

What we have here is

Ugly Soccer Faces
There are cute soccer players, and then there are not. 
You might have to click and expand to see the true beauty within.

#1Pretty sure I have three chins in the photos.  I mean really.

#2 I looked like a possessed demoness.

#3 This is my victory look, defying blueberry boy here.

#4 This is Derek's determined soccer face. You better believe he won that ball. 

#5 Squished Latino but really Asian Girl.  (See previous blog)  
The guy in the dark shirt was CRAZY.  People who have not really played soccer before tend to be super aggressive in the wrong way.  He got a bunch of fouls called on him.  The older they are and never playing soccer the harder they hit.  He even got called for full out pushing someone to the ground and asked WHY. 

#6. Couldn't resist Tommy. . .Thigh flashing is common in soccer. 

Alright, these are just some cool photos, not part of Ugly faces section. 

Not sure what my teammates name is here, but this is a cool pose.

Pretty sure I'll never learn my teammates name unless they respond to the names on their shirts.

Oh look, a seagull.

Still looking.

Yup Still looking.  Just kidding, they were waiting for the ball to come down.

I don't even know what this girl is doing, technically you aren't allowed to tickle opponents during soccer.


  1. Sorry i missed the big game. I admittedly forgot all about it. I tend to get really nervous before races and forget about everything. I generally spend most of my time in the bathroom with the nervous poopies. Hope we won! and you know me, I would prob. be one of the 'seagull lookers'. Great pics.

  2. You are hilarious Harm!! I love your soccer faces, you're cute :) Can't wait for our next game!!