Feb 1, 2009

You might be cheap if....

You walk around the entire store checking out the mark down bins.
90% of what you purchase has a yellow and orange sticker on it.
You'll buy a flavor of Martinelle's because it's got the yellow and orange sticker.
You have no fear of the expiration date from the mark down bins.
The checker looks all over your Cheerios box (no imitations please) absolutely, sure there is a markdown sticker somewhere.

So, people might be right that we are cheap.......


  1. That is so funny...Mat and I are the same way!! How are you guys doing we should get together sometime!!!

  2. Hi Guys - love the blog - you keep me entertained. OOPs this is GP Taylor - I wrote Mariah Mundi The Midas Box as well as MM The Ghost Diamonds - have you tried The Dopple Ganger Chronicles yet?

    God Bless

    GP Taylor

  3. hahahah! Love it! And I love the post below of Kona. Very cute. Such a good dog!