Feb 20, 2009

New Camera=hundreds of Kona Pictures

As many of you know, Circuit City is going out of business, which means Derek has gone twice now to look at all the deals. . . Derek does not go shopping, so twice to the same store, because he wants too is a bid deal.

Expand this picture, Kona's face is priceless!!!! And yes, that is a very large grapefruit (pumelo) 4 for 6 bucks.

Second time in, we finally decided to buy a camera for our birthdays. Before this purchase, we had 3 cameras. Now, I know you're wondering why we needed another. . . let me explain.
Camera number 1 takes film and I got it when I was 13....
Camera number 2 has like 2 mega pixels, and works sometimes
Camera number 3 was a good camera until Derek ran it over on one of our first dates and smashed the screen. And since the camera would only take pictures once in a great while, and sometimes come out, plus the screen didn't work, and beeped randomly, how is this really any different from camera number 1?
Also, what does one do with old cameras that kind of work?

So, we've been taking a lot of pictures. It's already an improvement, usually Kona is so shiny the pictures don't come out. Have a jolly day.

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  1. OH! look how cute my puppy is!!! she looks SKINNY! all think all those runs...meaning she runs and you guys drive in the car (so lazy) are paying off! jealous of the camera.