Feb 8, 2009

Japanasia! And Moon Boots

Kind of a long blog....But as the camera is only downloaded so often...What can you do?

My good friend Stacie called and left a very excited voicemail...Something along the lines of "Harmony I bought . . . . and I think we should eat on the floor. . . . and you should wear your chopsticks and then draw lines on your eyes again . . . . " I leave ...there because I have no idea what she was talking about. After I get to talk to her, we've decided that we are going to have an asian day, because she bought potstickers and remembered how I used to draw lines on my eyes with eyeliner. . . Someday I'll have to find a picture to show. It was Awesome.

So here we are, authenic with our costumes as well! Much to Derek's dismay, I made him wear my mom's robe, we dressed up, and ate on a lowered floor. Caleb and Melinda came as Korean folk, and little Corbin came as an authentic Korean boy, dressed as an American with a Dragon Ball Z Shirt plus spikey hair! Miller Version Here

Stacie and Mitch brought the potstickers, and with it we had some Korean Beef, stirfry, tofu, rice, and my favorite, Fortune Cookies (Stacie is Brilliant). I even tried making a Japanese dessert called Monju....but alas, it didn't work out very well....

This outfit here is from Saturday Night. Hali had a Tip Toe to Asia at Utah State, and somehow I got swung into the fashion show. The Kimono here belonged to one of Hali's friends, her aunties dressed me up, and tied the Obi (yes I know some Japanese words) extremely tight. . . .

So for all you out there that don't believe in the Japaneseness of Us, here you have been proved wrong!

The True Moon Boot (Or Powerpuff feet)

Hali and I recently purchase MOON BOOTs. Obviously, you can tell I am very excited about these boots. I admit, they are kind of ugly and strangely shaped and even have suction cups on the bottom, hence the serious reasons I bought them.

We decided to test out the Moon Boots with a snow hike. Here, Kona is awed by the pure Awesomeness of them.

Hali and I posing the Moon. . .Notice the uncanny similarities of our faces...Weird.

Mama, the original Moon Booter....Almost 24 years old.

Mama and Hali at a cave on the hike....We really went maybe 1/2 mile before we decided that was enough trying out the boots.

The back of the boots. Notice the unmistakable label, and they even have reflectors! Eat your hearts out! It's true, even Derek has moon boots, hand me downs from Shawn's gay uncle, turquoise and a navy blue. We are a true Moon Boot Family.


  1. Sounds like you're having lots of fun! :) And don't you worry - Steve still has Moon Boots, too!! haha! Gotta love em!!

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAH! This post just made me extremely homesick. Extremely. And I don't have moon boots. Jerks.

  3. WOW! I didn't know there was ever actually a "MOON BOOT." Apparently, I am out of the loop! I am sure Derek's are even more amazing than I could ever imagine!

  4. Just so you know, everytime I gave Corbin a drink yesterday he yelled "Hazzaaa!" before drinking it. I wonder where he got that...?