Feb 22, 2009

Walking the snow banks

We got a lot of snow. It seems like Derek calls everyday to tell me we got a foot of snow. . .
The snow banks are 6-10 feet in some places. Derek and I were walking on top of the snow banks, and suddenly Derek got stuck. He'd found a snow tunnel the neighbor kids dug! It was actually pretty dang big inside.
And since we found a snow tunnel, what else should we want, but to get Kona into this snow tunnel. After 30 minutes (literally) of coaxing/tricking Kona to come to us, after she'd dragged me through the snow, and jumped out of Derek's arms, we combined our efforts and got her in! Don't ask us why, we really don't know why the need for her to be in the snow cave with us was so important. But after we got her in, sat in the tunnel about 45 seconds, we decided to proceed with our walk around the block.
To our surprise there was another tunnel, this one all natures doing! The neighbors had not cleared off the sidewalks, and they have some large, floofy, bushes that we leaning over the sidewalks, creating an arch with their branches. So, we got on our knees and crawled through...it was about 15 feet long of climbing...hopefully no dogs had a chance to do their business....
Derek does not like taking walks with me when there is snow...
So, to prepare him, I made him get his snow stuff on, because really, who wouldn't push another person in the snow banks while walking? So another 40 minutes later, we finally made it home. I was the wettest/snow crusted person of course.


  1. Harm, Do you and your husband want to play on a coed softball team Tuesday nights?

  2. Hey Harmony!! Your blog is so fun. I was reading down a little about how people bug you about having kids, and i think it's hilarious. So Utah! When people find out how old Eric and I are, and how long we've been married, and that we have a baby.. and it was planned... it's really funny. They think we're crazy. So I guess you can just never win!