Apr 3, 2014

Just a few pictures from this last week.

I see posts of sleeping babies all the time.  We have very few after like 6 months of this baby girl.  When she's down for a nap, she's usually in a bed somewhere, in the car, she rarely sleeps.  But when she sleeps, she SLEEPS. 

Oh, just a side profile of 39 weeks.

Watching TV while dad is asleep.

Have I mentioned that this baby is finally walking?  Consistently?  It's kind of hilarious.   She's so little, plus she has to carry everything, plus she looks like a drunk zombie.  Adorable I say.

She's also taken to this washbasin lately.  She dumps some toys in it and then squeezes herself in.  Oh, she also desperately, loves, loves, this monkey.  Here she's giving him "nose" and "hugs."  Which a hug includes squeezing him and turning side to side while saying "Ohhhhhh."   A lot goes into her hugs.

People look at us strangely, especially when she has super awesome outfits on.  But even more so when we are at the store and I have her in the main cart section.  She loves to just stand and stare at everyone.  I'm sure they think I'm crazy that this tiny child isn't strapped in, but they also don't know that she is almost 18 months and she behaves so much better there.

My little homeless child. 

I came out of the restroom at the store (because that's where I am all the time lately.) and could hear my child screaming "DAAAAAAAaaaaaa, DAAAAAAAAAaaad.  Ball, BAAAAAAAAALLLL." Mind you, they were screams of pure happiness.  You've never seen such a happy little girl walking through the store in her dads arms with a giant orange ball.  The husband always takes her to go see the ball pin.  This time, we actually purchased a "BAAAlllllllllllllllllll!!!"

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