Mar 28, 2014

That day we sacraficed a new lego for the sake of little brother.

Last Black Friday, the only purchase I made was these legos and duplos.  Which, we recently broke out because we needed to sacrifice a few of them for this swaddler blanket.

Then, the husband got home and we all sat down to play Legos. 

I'm glad to say that my lego skills have not depleted through adulthood.  As a child/teenager I used to make houses and all sorts of stuff out of legos while watching Pokemon or Batman or maybe Spiderman.  Ya know, the cool shows one watches after coming home from a hard day of high school.

The husband and his brother have a ton of a legos, enough to make me jealous.  They would get a big set every year for they have quite the collection.  Mine on the other hand...was a small bucket that had a lego vacuum that NEVER worked on carpet.  Yet, I always used that little vacuum.  

(Created out of the mind of the husband.)

You'll notice the two OCD people on the far end of the table.  Baby girl and I kept to the other end, where we couldn't get in trouble with the "Lego Nazi." (see previous blogs) aka the husband.  He's particular about his legos.  Auntie Hannah almost died by his hand.  She got two legos stuck together, you know, those stupid little ones that one would naturally use their teeth to pull apart.  Well, one does not just use their teeth.  The Lego Nazi probably would have lost 5 years off his life watching her use her canines.  


Aiko and I tried out the Duplos, she loves to have you make something so she can destroy it.  I am distraught about some of the crazy colors.  Pink ones?  Flowers?  Weird people...

Naturally, while one plays with Duplos, we pull back ones mullet hair into a pony tail.  Amazing right?!

(Soon to be a famous lego piece done by Hannah.)

For as expensive as these bad boys I'm glad I found them!  I'm sure with little brother they'll be a big like 3 years. 

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