Mar 11, 2014

Viva Las Vegas

The Husband's friend from high school got married a few weeks ago, in Vegas.  We decided to make a little family trip out of it before little brother makes his debut.  While, Vegas isn't my first pick to go vacationing at, it was lots of fun.  The Husband is a go-go-go kind of person, but luckily, now that we have that baby, he goes at a much slower pace.  He probably would have dragged us everywhere if it weren't for Aiko and myself being 7 months pregnant.  It was kind of nice just to slow down, eat buffets, relax, swim and take naps. 

For as many times as we've both been to Vegas, neither of us has ever been to the "Welcome to Las Vegas" Sign.  But see all those people behind us?  That's a line, so we didn't even go up to the sign, plus Aiko was sleeping, plus this was about 10 minutes before I puked my guts out and Aiko pooped out of her pants twice during this even. We're hard core.

After the wedding dinner we went to the Stratosphere with the husband's other high school buddy.  (There were few of them at this wedding.)  Sadly, this is the last of the Cedar Boy High School Buddies to get married.  Aiko really liked the view.  She loved to lean over the glass and say "oooooo."

I'll admit, it's a pretty amazing building.  The other couple we went with are pregnant as well, so we the pregnant wives, watched our husband ride the awesome rides upon the Stratosphere.  Ahhh, the perks of pregnancy. 

I have a special place for the Excalibur in my heart.  I love fantasy books and I've always felt this casino was so magical. I mean really, it's castle.  While it may be older, I still think it's one of my favorites. 

That baby really loved the arcade.  She has a thing for monkeys right now. 

During the actual wedding, #ohniceandchubbybaby (as you'll see below) spent our time walking around the temple.  It was a lovely day.  I don't think this baby has actually spent a whole lot of time crawling around on grass.  She didn't really enjoy it.  Which, if only she knew HOW nice and soft that grass is compared to our pine needle-kona pooped on-spiky-non-green grass is.  She's in for a treat. 

One of the days we went to the Chocolate Factory.  I think Ethel M Chocolates.  Don't go on a Saturday, they don't actually run the factory, which was a bummer.  Of course, we bought some chocolates.  Which, were insanely expensive...except they were Valentines and we got them at 75% off.  (Shhhh, don't tell Ross.)  Again, witness this weird sugar craving this little boy has been given me. 

For some reason, outside the Chocolate Factory they have a Cactus Garden.  Which, I believe they probably have only to hide their vast Solar Panel system that runs the Factory. 

Hard to imagine another little human being will be entering into our selfie pictures. 

The last of these photos are just miscellaneous ones from around Vegas.  The husband could tell you all the casino names, while I, cannot.

 "What's with all the horse stuff?" Says the husband.  Sometimes, his un-asianness, blows my mind. I joke...but really.

Year of the Horse love. 

Oh Vegas.  It was nice to hang out with you.  We didn't even go visit the Strip and I think that's what made it so nice. 

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