Mar 27, 2014


Have you ever seen such a perfect little chair for a tiny 17 month old mullet baby?

I daresay not.  She loved it too.  Once she realized she could sit like a big person she was quite pleased with herself.  Once she realized that she could stand on it everything got oh-so-much-better.  She has no fear of climbing.  She climbs on her toys to stand taller.  I know how she feels.  It's tough being short.  
Plus, this girl is quite flexible.  When it's time to get in the bathtub she takes her foot and places it on top of the tub rim.  Which, is just below her shoulder.  Now, I know that's not super tall, her being a whole 26 or so inches, but still, I can't do that.  

We've been quite vintage as of late.  Plus, that mullet seems to just help the outfit. I thrifted this shirt and pants for little brother, but then, I realized that they would fit her.  It was too hilarious not to put her it.  She did have a headband on that made her look girly.  Promise. 

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