Mar 6, 2014

Skirts designed by Harmony

I usually love shopping.  LOVE it.  Love a good deal, love a good thrift, love a good cheap price.  While being pregnant, I've come to loathe it.  Partly because of the exercise, partly because I've recently discovered that my butt has expanded along with some lovely muffin tops, and partly because things just aren't so cute right now.  Which for one who has complained about not having a butt (it's called the Oka flat butt and an asian curse) it's just not in the shape I was thinking...but, oh, well.  It's part of pregnancy right?  A cute little baby boy comes from all this awkwardness. 

Back to my shopping.  So my I had a dream the other night that I was out thrift shopping with one of my elderly neighbors.  She's always so kind and honestly, has some clothes that I really like.  Mind you, most of them are probably from the 1960s-1980s range, but nonetheless, I like them.  So here we are both shopping at a thrift store looking at some gorgeous skirts, while another shopper became upset that she wasn't being helped by the clerk who was on the phone. She left, and we continued shopping.  I came across these two vintage, elegantly cut, perfect for an everyday or special event. They kind of had a riding, victorian style with uneven cuts. I mean, they were absolutely lovely in my dream.  One was a grey wool with pleats down the back, the other was a purple color that I have no idea what the material would be called.   I would have paid at least $5 a piece.  (haha, probably more, because when I shop, sometimes there are things that I see that I know I must have, no matter what, but it does have to have a sales tag.) I mean, these were extremely unique pieces.  Suddenly, the disgruntled customer came back with her thug of a friend who has some weird violent looking tools.  I told them to wait, so I could exit the building. And that was it. Dream over.

I know.  Hero status here.  I blame this on a book called Mistborn (which was excellent) I had recently finished and being pregnant. 

While, I am bothered by my cowardliness, I was even more concentrated on the skirts. I woke up wanting them still.  My mom is an excellent seamstress, and we have been talking about skirt patterns I would like her to make.  Because, ya know, I don't sew.  I have the vision, but perhaps not the rendering skills I thought myself to have. 

Obviously, my mom will make said beautiful skirts from these drawings alone.  See how I even shaded the grey pleated skirt?  Surely this pattern will go viral and everyone will be pinning my rendering. 

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