Mar 23, 2014

Spring Fires


Sometimes, I forget that I'm pregnant, and then someone shows me a picture and I'm like "Whoa."  Especially when I see how awesome my outfits are getting towards the last few weeks.  It's gotten a little worse.  You'll notice that I have snowboots, the husband's sweat pants and a jacket that I was hoping would at least zip up.   Today I ironed a WHOLE dress, that I wore the last few weeks when pregnant with Aiko.  I probably should have tried it on before didn't fit.  As my husband put it..."Your buttons are bursting all over."  Sigh.

You may recall similar outfits from my pregnancy with Aiko...gems.  I tell you.  Gems. here.

Crazy to think that it's only March and we're having bonfires.  Here I figured would be a good time to try imitating Tom Hanks from Castaway.  I felt it was pretty Oscar worthy.  Oh...yes, most of my shirts don't fit anymore, but once I put a shirt on, I rarely change it.  Which, is not my norm.  I'm usually a pull out 5 outfits before we find the right one.  Not so now. 

Aiko has yet to learn how to smile for pictures.  She is usually pretty stonefaced.  I'm trying to soak up as my #ohniceandchubbybaby time as I can, it's going to be a little weird adding in a #littlebrother into the mix too.  People keep asking if she has any idea what's going on...I'm pretty sure she doesn't.  But luckily, she does love baby dolls, so that should help right?


  1. We are building a fire pit in our backyard right now. I love what you have used for your pit! Where did you get it??

  2. Shalise-

    I think it's an tire iron from some large vehicle. It was actually already installed when we moved in. Someday we'll be installing some paver stones around it.