Mar 5, 2014

Little Brother

As little brothers debut is coming quickly, I realized that I needed to finish his quilt.  We have a specific name in mind that somewhat inspired this quilt, but the husband doesn't want to decide on anything solid until he sees the little guy.

Why do we as moms think these tiny babies even need them?  Aiko doesn't really sleep with her quilts, she sleeps on top of them in a heap.  So why go to all the trouble of making these awesome quilts I wonder? 

Because they are awesome.  

I still have this hanging on my banister.  I've always loved the stars, so I just sit staring at it sometimes because it looks like the night sky. 

I only stitched the top of the quilt, because my mom is a genius.  Originally, I was going to stitch both sides and somehow bind them together.  But then, the mama suggested that I do one side then we could quilt them together with french knots to make it look like there are little stars everywhere too.  
Genius. I know, she is Asian you know.

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