Mar 5, 2014


This last week was kind of rough, Aiko was teething and giving attitude.  We didn't really go anywhere. No smiles were given by her.  She also has perfected this smug little look that . . . what?  Hurt my feelings?  
Yes, maybe a little.  
She did this I won't look at you, but I'll cast my eyes down to make you feel like you are not good enough for me to look at, while keeping my head at a proud upright position.  While my feelings were slightly hurt, I was also slightly furious.  I don't do well with attitudes, no matter the age. 

This isn't her smug look, but more, I am completely miserable look she held on to for the last week. 

 She slept a lot, this mama slept a lot.  She screamed a lot, this mama didn't scream, yet, happiness wasn't found either.   Luckily, she is almost her happy self, but a little more spoiled and perhaps turning into a slight 2 year old.  I think we've reached the point of her just being frustrated because she can't tell us what she wants.  Nonetheless, she grew a few inches last week and ways a pound more!  So now, she's 27.5 inches tall and weighs about 20 pounds.  Her 9 month pants are finally fitting just perfect.


While that #ohniceandchubbybaby slept last week, I decided that I needed to finish the piano.  It's been sitting for a few weeks with splashes of paint here and there looking pretty trashy.  I had tried an orange color, only to want nothing to do with it.  Luckily, I actually thought to be smart (instead of my compulsive self) and just buy a sample.  As soon as she handed me the sample I knew I hated it.  Oh, I tried a few coats on the piano here and there and still hated it.  

Then I tried this color above.  Which, was suppose to be a yellow-green, that looks more school-bus-butt-yellow.  I want a bright yet muted color and someone I've struck out twice already.  I've never been one to worry about colors, it usually comes a bit more easily to me. 
I am struggling. 
I decided to use up the sample school-bus-butt-yellow color for a few base coats.  Just so you know, it appears that at least 4 coats of paint may be needed.  But good to know that a sample paint will let you do two full coats on a piano  in the picture above. (minus the chair.)

So, now I sit once again with some new colors, but the picture doesn't look anything like the actual colors.  I'm actually leaning towards Margarita Time, but now that I see it in a different light it kind of grosses me out. 

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