Mar 16, 2014

The Husband's Birthday.

I feel that birthdays are meant to be more bragging about the person days.  No, I'm not going to be too sappy, I'm just going to write some awesome facts about my ever so awesome husband. So here we go.

 The husband is an excellent dad and husband.  He is incredibly selfless.  He always puts everyone else first.  He can work in almost any condition with a variety of distractions, such as my pregnant self, his favorite little baby and his dog.


He loves his "floor" time.  If you know him well enough, you know if there is carpet somewhere, he's usually laying on it.  I feel this comes from his childhood.  He grew up with a swamp cooler, which was the coolest in the hallways under the cooler.  Now, he loves it because his favorite dog and child spend most of their time there as well.  Recently, Aiko has been into wrestling and headbutting him.  She loves hanging out with her dad.  These last few weeks have been "dadddddddd" weeks.  She hears the door open and rushes to go meet him.  She just adores him. As does his Kona.  As you can see, once again, he places himself just for the kona's benefit.

I think, well, more know, that the husband has a very calming effect on most everyone.  He definitely brings more peace when he enters the room.  Dogs just love him, his nieces and nephews love him, people seem to just be drawn to my introverted husband.  He's not one to react quickly.  Always calm.  My family has yet to hear him "yell."

Oh, how that baby loves her dad.  


I think we'll keep him for a while more.

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