Aug 8, 2012

lego nazi's are real in campers

even though the bunting says "husband and wife" that usually means the husband and the kona

sometimes, husbands get tired of pictures.

camping naps are good for tired husbands and dogs

bunting is possible while camping 
(finish product coming soon)

fact: my husband is a lego nazi

things you didn't know about lego nazis
1. you need to offset all bricks when making a house, otherwise you have failed structure wise
2. bricks need to be all the same color
3. if you have to make a mutli-colored roof and HAVE to use a smile face yellow lego, it's a sad, sad day.
4.  you are not allowed to bite the legos to take apart, it causes teeth marks and that's a big no-no.

its a good thing we weren't lego friends as kids

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