Aug 28, 2012

which animal is favorite

me: what is your favorite animal?
me: this is a very important question.
The husband: what is this for?
me: doesn't matter.
me: i just want to know what your favorite animal is.
The husband: so you aren't going to buy something with this animal on it?
me: no, i am going to buy and animal in the shape that you like for our child.
The husband: Well, I like Scarlet Macaws
me: (in my mind i'm thinking...who the devil says Scarlet Macaws are their favorite animal?  but instead i reply with) are you being sarcastic?
The husband: no
The husband: but I don't think I would buy anything shaped like one
me: any other kind of animal?
The husband: I like snow leopards
The husband: and I like Galapagos tortoises
me:  (i'
 (I have been searching Etsy for a handmade stuff toy and when i searched for snow leopard, very few results popped up.)

The husband: what the heck...
me: apparently, you pick the most exotic animals to like...there aren't many of any of those animals.
The husband: tigers are cool.
The husband: and i guess i like elephants too
The husband: and buffalo
The husband: and moose

so, in the end, i haven't found the right toy yet, maybe if the husband didn't love such exotic animals i could find one.

but it is oh so cute still.

Or maybe, just maybe...
they are extinct.


oh, and my favorite animal?
a donkey. 
for i guess i can't make too much fun.
see blog (yes i blogged about it) 
called i <3 asses

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