Aug 9, 2012

7 years of marriage

finally got a husband wife shot, but then we couldn't leave kona out. . . 
kona wanted a kiss too 
(don't worry, we washed her good to get all the moose poop out)

sitting around the campfire (that may or may not have been banned, we still aren't sure) you have a lot of time to talk.  so of course we talked about baby names (always an epic failure), fixing up the future house, parenting skills we are lacking, why did kona have to chase off the moose. . . ya know, deep conversation stuff. sometimes there are long lulls in the conversation, but we're okay with that. 

the husband all of a sudden says 
"the next 20 years are going to be ridiculous."

it's so true. 
with babe(s) coming, moving, fixing up the new old house, trying to balance home life with mama life, living on one income, we have LOTS of big changes coming our way.  but it's good, we're excited for the new life.  life has been fun with just three of us for the last seven years, but we've always felt somewhat stagnant, like we were missing something more . . . so here's to our little family, that hopefully will be come 5 soon!
happy 7 years love, i'm excited for the rest!

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  1. You guys are so cute! It has been such a long time since we've seen each other, what, like 6 years! I'm so glad you are doing well! Are you having twins? We have a set of twin boys!