Aug 23, 2012

can you smell it? this was actually written a while ago

it's only at first light that you can smell it, yes, it's the smell of thrifting and yard sale-ing. last saturday, after bountiful baskets pick-up, the mama and i went on a search, with the kona of course. (was written months ago...)

purchases completed:

1. piano books.  so excited!  there is a book "60 Progressive pieces we love to play" my mom has that's been out of print and i haven't been able to find it. . . UNTIL NOW!  except...of course the cover is missing and a few pages.  $6.00
2. second baby high chair.  which i realize is completely unnecessary and doesn't yet match the other but for $5, i couldn't just leave it!
3. picture of another baby high chair.  also five dollars.  i've had it for about a year now...maybe more. debating on a color to paint it...or leave it? also $5.
4. lovely afghan.  i realize that i should crochet it, but it was already done and $2.00

5. giant bag of tennis balls.  mainly for my brothers dog, bowser, but again it was a dollar people.
6. pirate party bounty for the cousins birthday, also a dollar. 
7. some lovely vintage bottles of men's aftershave.  $2 a piece.  (pricey i know)
8. i find myself drawn to these crazy old pyrex containers, these were green, well, and i needed them to match the orange that i already have.  $2.50 (side note, i may or may not have accidentally dropped one of the lids on some crystal glasses on the tables. i only broke 3 out of the 7.  i tried to give the guy some money, but he wouldn't take it.  Such a nice old man.)

6+5+2+1+1+4+2.5= $21.50

$21.50 = awesomeness.

Sorry pictures are missing, but I was just getting irritated that i didn't have anything blog worthy as of late...getting lazy as the belly grows!

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