Aug 14, 2009

I <3 Asses

I have a fetish with donkeys. I think they are adorable! Mainly, the short, squatty version are my favorite, although I find all very cute. (pictures were not edited, so you can see how very fantabulous they are!)

The one on the right kept winking in most of his pictures, the one in the middle very cuddly, and the left kept make this sneezing/snorting/braying/angry sound. Nonethe less they all posed very nicely for the camera.

Picture perfect little donkeys

Here's to you Donkey!


  1. wow, I hate to break your magical imagination of wonderful cute cuddly donkeys; but donkeys are actually fowl smelling, ruthless crude animals, have you not seen Shrek?

  2. Anonymous, because you are "Anonymous" I shall consider your comment Void.

  3. Your guys title is hilarious. I have to admit those donkeys looked pretty fun, I was once forced to ride a donkey on an excursion in Mexico and it was one of the craziest/scariest things I ever did because one of the "rouge" donkeys started acting a fool and riled up all the other ones when we were near a cliff! crazy.

  4. hahaha! love it! I personally love squirrels and moose. So whoever came up with 'Rocky and Bullwinkle' rocks!