Aug 23, 2009

Went Camping

A couple of months ago we went camping with some friends and family and found this fabulous secret camp site. Only 4 wheel drive could make it, plus it is free! We're assuming hunters use it because of the awesome view!

And also because we (meaning Kona) saw some deer, which she barked at forever, and a moose and her baby. Which I thought was a bear. (Cheap Binoculars + big black thing running up the mountain = could look like mother bear and cub)

It was a fun first stop. I haven't seen the stars like that since Old Iron Town!!! Annoyingly enough, Kona barked the whole FREAKIN night due to animals scurrying.

Derek decided that our first camp spot was not ideal for the pale skinned freckled person. There was no shade so we traveled down and found a paying campsite.

This is a very USUAL setting. Derek eating his licorice and Kona nearby. Derek eats some licorice, Kona eats the end piece of Derek's Licorice. By the looks of things it seems like I interrupted something extremely important.

Look who we found in the woods!! Grams, Mitsie and Mama came and camped out with us.

Luckily, for our guests we had fresh fish. (No, sadly I did not catch them, my fishing rod is still broken as well as my spirit) but a nice man and son gave us 3 fish.

Unfortunately, I am not the best planner, luckily, I did bring some pots, but no forks, spoons, plates, etc. All the necessary things for food. I was just going to eat hot dogs (we did take some ketchup and mustard packets from a gas station) and S'mores (mmmm marshmallows) So, we cooked the fish up on the pan, with some hash browns (don't know why), then threw in the fish plus some potato chips (greasy right?) and Viola! Instant fish and crunch. With that cooked, we peeled off the meat, placed it in cups, and ate with our fingers. (I do carry hand sanitizer for some reason)

Some pretty weeds. Our new camera can take some awesome pictures. *Note not the taker.

A poor little leaf stuck on the river.
Mama on the nature walk.

Derek and I were discussing how the forest service can justify charging so much for camp sites. This is why - their newly laid concrete walkway.

We also spent the day Kayaking in Causey. It was a nice lazy day on the water. Derek got sunburned on his knees (??) I find this really still baffling.

Imagine this, Kona in her dog life jacket (blue with white polka dots) laying on the front of Derek's Neon tye dye orange/yellow boat, with her paw, lazily, drifting in the water, finished with a far off look. Sadly, I know words cannot fully encompass the silliness of this, but I have yet to get a picture, since water and cameras do not mix well. (hint hint Hali)

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