Feb 19, 2013

lament of the bras

dear expensive dillard's brand of bras-

i'm writing to you today utterly (i almost...almost put udderly...buahahah) dismayed that i had to turn my bras purchased from your store into nursing bras.  (well, i had the idea and then asked my mom to do it.)  you could have made my life a little easier by just making and then distributing them.  you see, that store, that maternity store...they don't really make quality bras for gals who need real SUPPORT.  i already broke one of the new bras i just bought from that store.   you know what i mean, that's why you made those bras in the first place.  so why not make them?  i've bought these bras (on sale) at the New Year's dillard's sale the last two years at ten bucks a piece.  and i buy ALL of them regardless of color and print if they are in my size.  which is probably why i don't have a white one.  i have a black floral print, dark purple, some weird animal print, blue...all the weirdo ones because no one wants them. except me!


anyway...for those of you bustier ladies in the world who are breasfeeding, you really can covert almost any bra.  we bought some swimsuit hooks from the craft store.  like these.  but, we bought the metal ones...for obvious reasons.  it's a good thing my mom did it, because she used the sewing machine...you know i would have sewn it by hand...and hours later had it finished.

i would post a picture of this process...but i feel it slightly inappropriate.  i mean i already posted about my bra issue before, but posting a picture seems overboard. 

so actually, while my mom was sewing these...I completely zonked out on the couch.  when i woke...she was gone.  so thanks mom!  

if you need to convert a bra call my mom!  or e-mail me and i can help as well. 

(i wrote this probably a couple weeks after the little raptor was born.)

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  1. This is an amazing post/idea! I totally need to do this....I can't believe I never thought to redo my giod bra. Thanks!