Feb 25, 2013

the kona's bling

i spy with my little eye:

a naughty kona.  here, i was practicing "waiting."  she's usually very good about it.  probably, has something to do with the fact that i had some treats in my pocket for her.  but nonetheless.  i was showing hannah how good she was being (without a treat) when the little sucker ran off in the opposite direction into the neighbors.  DEFYING me.  the nerve.  naturally, i made hannah go get her. 

here you'll see the kona's attire whilst running away.  
she has her color, then her leash which i loop around her neck (as cesar milan says to do), i've also included her heart stone necklace, a zipper necklace, hooked the other end of her leash to the proper spot and last but not least!  a baby diaper bag holder, here being used just in case the kona does something unmentionable while on a walk. (i loath people who let their dogs poop on my lawn.)

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