Feb 26, 2013

the dogs of our lives

get the header? tee-hee.

meet bowser.
he's the heartbreaker of the family. he also has finished off all the birthday cakes for the last year.  pretty sure my brother taught him that. 

meet the kona.  
the worst beggar in the entire galaxy.  she also respects no ones personal space.  we're trying to work on it. 

meet loki.  
my cousins dog and he-who-has-the-largest-head-i've-seen-on-a-dog.  i was footzoning his mom and he felt the need to be part of it. 

like i said, the kona respects no ones personal space. including baby raptor.  the kona likes to make sure we are practicing good hygiene. 

and they...are the dogs of our lives.

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