Feb 13, 2013

baby mobile

can you see it?

i'm going to remove all this netting and then place some beautiful hand stitched somethings. . .animals...or the house from the UP movie, or maybe some hearts, or some shapes, or........ you guys, i have a serious problem.  i have all these ideas...but then i just can't decide which one would be the MOST awesome.  so instead, we have nothing, just wonderful ideas aching to become real.  SERIOUSLY, i feel so stressed about this...why can't i just make up my mind? 

 it really is easier to make things for other people, like this one.  see, my cute cousin is a cowgirl and her son is naturally a cowboy, so it was easy!

sometimes, i wonder, who am i?  in my mind i'm thinking "harmony, you know, some people could just like normal things."

and then i come up with things like this:

help friends.


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  1. Sorry Harm but you might just be a lost cause. Love you though. Auntie Janet