Feb 15, 2013

curtain fury

this my friends, is the main cause of contention in our home.  the husband wants to cover these beauties with curtains because cold air is infiltrating our home (and also because he wants to walk around in his underwear,  which i already do.)  i don't want to cover them because i spend a lot of time gazing out into the blue skies.  

basically, forever we've been arguing about it.  i mean this is 16 feet of window here people. one doesn't just  cover these up.  


so, we finally compromised.  we did have to call in some reinforcements to settle it, laura helped me see how we could make the curtains NOT look like draperies out of a funeral home. 

i have all the stuff to make them...i just lack the time to do it as of now

so for now, sit back and just wait to be amazed

sometime anyway. 

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