Feb 20, 2013

the art of brick amongst other mediums

went to see "the art of brick" in park city.  it was pretty dang cool.  these crayons were about four feet tall

i imagine this is what the husband's body does when someone uses the wrong etiquette for legos.

remember the lego nazi or the husband?
see his rules for becoming a lego nazi here

there was also an embroidery on canvas exhibit.  which i loved.

also this strange print exhibit in the basement...next to the toilets.  i'm not sure we exactly appreciated it.

for some reason, when you take a picture of legos...they appear much more pixalated than they really were.

go and see it!
because it's free! 

also, if anyone is interested in going to the salt lake library, apparently, they have an exhibit there as well...takers?

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