Feb 13, 2013

Ladies night out

i'd forgotten about these!  we went for a ladies night out and some place...i can't even remember the name.  but it was for charity.  so we paid some money and got some waxing, massages, crepes, chiropractic work, facials...and some manicures.  

let me tell you about the manicures...it was terrible, at least for me.  if you ever see a girl with half her head shaved who doesn't drink milk...stay away.  

i'll admit, i have shorter nail beds, but this girl globbed it on...and then kept globbing it on!  it was ridiculous!  i kind of sat there wondering if she was for reals.  i almost asked her to stop, but i felt bad.  i sat there watching angie get her nails done all pretty and smooth and couldn't believe this girl went to a beauty school.  needless to say...i came home and immediatly took it off. good thing it was for charity right?

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