Feb 11, 2013

so i ate an artichoke the other day

i got these sweet plates for christmas from my mom (rachel ray on clearance baby!)  which because they are so hefty and pretty i feel the need to make the foot look slightly more presentable.  i mean really, i love this color of orange and feel that my food should be just as fun looking. 

so as i was eating my artichoke i realized that "playing with your food" could have a new meaning in my life!


yup, i ate all of it.  all 25 calories (so the packaging claims) so i could make this beauty.

oh, and then one day we at some salad too. 

(i just realized that i blogged about food and feel slightly silly.)


  1. So pretty, it almost makes me wish I liked artichokes.

  2. The food stuff is pretty! And I can't stop laughing about you joining the group of 'those moms' who can't help but post lots of adorable baby pix. Don't be ashamed...just embrace it lol! Let's hang soon. Please? I'm sick of cleaning and looking like I don't.